Link to Rural Women’s Studies and Writing in the Digital Age

It must be a blue moon – rarely does perfect timing occur in my busy life, but today was one of those rare occasions.  Grappling with how my work will fit into Digital History and given my own concerns about publishing in non-traditional formats, while reading Writing History in the Digital Age by Jack Dougherty & Kristen Nawrotzki, I gained some insight into how to move forward into the digital world and protect my intellectual property.  Then, the stars aligned and I received notice of a new posting on the Rural Women’s Studies site  There my friend, Jenny Barker-Devine, has posted about her new project – linked here American Athena, and blogged about it on the Rural Women’s Studies site under the title Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age.  Her project reiterates the importance of collaboration to the success of digital projects, and includes beneficial information about how those of us just entering this field can get started in it.

Finally, of course, it is Jenny Barker-Devine, so it is very well done — check it out!

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