Checkin’ the Mail Pail—RFD Delivers More than Mail to Rural Areas

Long before the idea of Amazon drones delivering the world to our doorstep, people in rural areas found ways to obtain select items through delivery. Predating online shopping, FedEx, and the Pony Express, and before companies like Montgomery Ward, and Sears, Roebuck, rural folks ordered from the Haynes-Cooper catalog. Used often the catalog earned shortened … Continue reading Checkin’ the Mail Pail—RFD Delivers More than Mail to Rural Areas

Oklahoma Rodeo Women

UPDATED: The book signings listed below have been canceled for now, but with hopes to reschedule as soon as it is safe to do so. Please check back for more information and stay well! Well it's happening! Oklahoma Rodeo Women will be out on Monday, February 17th from The History Press and Arcadia Publishing! This book … Continue reading Oklahoma Rodeo Women

At Mam-maw’s Table

I am a member of a professional organization, the Rural Women’s Studies Association and this association has a conference centered on the theme of Kitchen Table Talk. When the theme was first introduced a flood of memories came to mind from my own grandmother’s kitchen table. I was fortunate enough to grow up in rural … Continue reading At Mam-maw’s Table

Behind the Scenes of History

It is National Finals Rodeo time!  Behind the event is a great deal of planning, organizing, effort from sponsors, stock contractors, and many more.  It brings to mind the importance of history made behind the scenes.  Most history we rememberand study is the major event itself.  But you must look at the factors behind the … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of History

Back to work!

After a long hiatus to complete my Ph.D., I am back to work on the blog.  I will be redesigning a bit and working to develop new pages. Change is in the wind for rodeo. I hope you will check back in to see how these transformations are actually a return to early rodeo history.  … Continue reading Back to work!

The Calgary Stampede – a Tradition of Prestige

At the end of this year's rodeo season, and as the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) approaches, pondering how we came to have a National Finals, or even how some of the biggest professional rodeos became prestigious led me to reflect on my trip to Calgary this summer. When you ask young cowboys and cowgirls just … Continue reading The Calgary Stampede – a Tradition of Prestige

June Cleaver and Miss Kitty Walk into a Bar

Have you ever wondered what would happen if June Cleaver walked into the Long Branch Saloon?  Miss Kitty might eye her up and down to see if Cleaver is trouble, or she might say, “What’ll ya have?” to which Cleaver would probably say, “Tea, dear.” You are likely wondering what these two have in common. … Continue reading June Cleaver and Miss Kitty Walk into a Bar

Singing Cowboys and Tone-deaf Cowgirls

Singing cowboys made their entrance onto the silver screen in the 1930s and remained popular through the early 1950s. Perhaps the two most well-known are Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in Heart of the Rio Grande (1942) The singing cowboy actually began … Continue reading Singing Cowboys and Tone-deaf Cowgirls