My Profession, Bio, and Connections

I am a historian, writer, and assistant professor of history. I teach Women in the American West, The History of Women in American Society, Women in American Film The Diversity of American Peoples, and US History surveys.

I started this site for a Digital History course, and have attempted to maintain the original purpose–to be an academic blog that reflects my passion for rodeo and ranching life through the digital publication of the interesting and humorous tidbits of my research on the world of rodeo, cowgirls, and the history of rural women in the American West.

I have also written:

Oklahoma Rodeo Women Arcadia Publishing, The History Press, February 17, 2020.

“Rodeo in Oklahoma is Women’s Business: How Lucille Mulhall’s Fame Created Opportunity in Rodeo” The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. XCII, no. 3, Fall 2014

am a contributor to, The American Yawp, Stanford University Press, January 2019.

and, consulted for “American Cowgirl Lucille Mulhall: Wild West Shows” a digital project by Corey Ayres Crossroads for the Oklahoma Historical Society, June 2017.

In addition to teaching, researching, consulting, and writing, I also serve on the Advisory Board to Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to present and as the Rural Women’s Studies Association, Membership and Communication Coordinator for the United States. The Rural Women’s Studies Association is an interdisciplinary association to advance the study of rural women’s gender studies. It is a very academically supportive organization with a superior ability to mentor to early scholars. Having said that the level of scholarship of the members and at the triennial conference is unsurpassed by any at larger conferences I have attended.  Check out the web page here, RWSA for more information. Also, they maintain an RWSA Blog with great stuff.

Finally, I am a member of several excellent professional organizations.

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