Troubles editing Wiki for Digital Methods class

When looking for an article to edit for this assignment, I of course looked to my interests: rodeo, Team Penning, historical cowgirls.  But, after having read the assigned article by Timothy Messer-Kruse, “The ‘Undue Weight’ of Truth on Wikipedia,” I really worried about whether or not any changes I made would be accepted by the WikiGods.  So, I decided to go with someone I know; I mean I have a great deal of documentation and her Autobiography – who would argue the validity of changes as long as I have documentation, right?  So I proceeded to search for “Vera McGinnis” famous rodeo cowgirl from the Golden Era of Rodeo.  Success! She has an entry on the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum Wikipedia page.  Alas, it was a short-lived success because there is no article linked for Vera McGinnis.  The Museum has a list of inductees, not all of whom have completed articles or links.

My solution is to create a page for McGinnis, which leads to problem number two.  The workshop in class was too fast-paced, and because it used a different system, most of the class did not see or use what was being demonstrated.  So I am back to the drawing board and using the Wiki wizard!  This is very different from the code, but has built-in checks to ensure your work will meet the standards of the WikiGods…kind of a good idea before you invest too much time on what might be a rejection.  This is, however, a bit slower than I anticipated – but I do have a draft started for McGinnis to have her very own page on Wikipedia – look for updates throughout the semester!

One thought on “Troubles editing Wiki for Digital Methods class

  1. WordPress seems relatively easy to navigate and create. Even though some of the template are dated and generic, it seems like to will work for the class. Great Topic. Even though we went over copyright laws, that is the area that I am most concerned with for my own project….


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